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Yes Love Learning



Welcome to our school!

Oui Love Learning is a trilingual school: English, French, Spanish.

Our learning method is based on the child's personal development with an emphasis on the arts (painting, music, dance, theater) as well as yoga, which are activities that very strongly raise awareness of human values.


Oui Love Learning follows the National Education program by applying its own teaching methods and putting multiple intelligences into practice (like Howard Gardner).


Our team takes care of your children, taking into account their pace and their individuality.

Nos Enseignements



French - English

The English langage is learned and taught as a second langage.

It is integrated into daily school activities throughout the year.

The children are their own langage learning development and their langage expression in English becomes more natural.


Musical performance is beneficial in all areas of your child's growth, especially for his physical, socio-affective, and langage development.



The Spanish language is integrated through singing, and role playing during the first year and is later taught using the same method as French and English.


This discipline allows children to acquire tools, techniques and working method that enrich their expressive skills and their artistic sensitivity.


Politeness & Values

This teaching takes place on a daily basis in the form of interactive games (role play, theater), and will inculcate rules of politeness, life skills, respect of others in various everyday context, 



The children performances foster cooperation self-help and self- esteem.

12 H in french and 12 H in english

Our teaching is organized according to the principle of parity 12h/week in French and  the same time in English.

Activities are conducted in English or French with native speakers. Our program is in accordance with the official guideline. All our teachers are qualified and hold qualification.

All courses are given using the principle of Grammont : one person/one langage and it is always the same person who speak his/her langage.

One teacher speaks only in French, the other in English, alternating. Thus, the children practice both langages in the same week. 


Spanish is provided for 3 hours per week with a native speaker.

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"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education.
Politics can only avoid war"

Maria Montessori

Notre Pédagogie



An alternative method to National Education

The objective of the trilingual education is to help students acquire all skills of the official program.

The regular practice of a second language through instruction allows learners to relate various ways of describing and understanding global realities, which can open their minds to other cultures and ways of thinking about the world.

​We consider your child as an individual. Oui Love Learning want to contribute fully to your child’s development in:

  • reasoning,

  • discernment,

  • common sense,

  • development of creativity and,

  • self-confidence

We use languages, visual arts, and music as tools to achieve these aims. 

“Every group of human beings draws wealth from communication, mutual aid, and the solidarity of a common goal: the development of each individual while respecting each of our individual différences"  

Francoise DOLTO

A Propos



Mrs Dominique DUPONT

The school is managed by Dominique Dupont. She holds a master's degree from the University of Toulouse le Mirail and a DESS on International trading from the University des Antilles et de la Guyane.

She noticed that the island of Guadeloupe has a strategic geographical position because of its location at the center of the Caribbean archipelago, surrounded by English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities, not far from the continents of North and South America.


Nevertheless the population speaks neither English nor Spanish fluently. She wondered about the absence of a trilingual school in Guadeloupe, then began working to create a school for language learning and exchanges. Dominique DUPONT created a trilingual kindergarten based on innovative methods called Oui Love Learning, which is entirely oriented towards the personal development of the each child.

For your child, we integrate into our program : French, English, and Spanish language also politeness, human values, art, music, dance, and yoga.

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Our values : Truth, Peace, Love, Non-violence

Dominique DUPONT





" Colored by the sun, United by the sea"

Oui Love Learning school has been selected in the european program ERASMUS + " Colored by the sun, United by the sea" with 5 others educational institutions from Denmark, Rumania, Portugal (Madera),  de Lithuania and one other school Grand Camp Mixte 2 from Guadeloupe.

Its aim: organize activities together to  suppress  racism and intolerance and by this way to help children in opening their mind and heart to accept people with different cultures.

No matter what color of skin we have we live together under the sun and no matter where in the world we are, the sea connects us all around the globe.

The teacher trainings are very important in the project as it permits pedagogic sharing to improve educational method. They also serve as starting points for quality intellectual outputs such as music and dance performances as well as exhibitions speaking of tolerance, human rights and human values.



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